New Year, New Coastal Décor

January 19, 2022

Beach dune with 2 seashells. Photo by Selcuk Teke from Pexels

Now that the Christmas tree is put back in storage (or by the curb) and your house is getting back to normal, things may look a little less sparkly, a little less interesting, a little (okay, let’s admit it) sad: not because your things are shabby, but because it’s sad to put away the sparkly things and it makes the house seem a little drab. In order to fix that, let’s do some new and interesting things to make the new year a great time instead of a sad time!

Let’s start with a small (30” around or less) table that you can use as a side table, or end table. If you don’t have one, try thrift stores to get a great deal. Check to make sure the table is solid (not wobbly) and if it’s usable, look at its color. Is it painted white, turquoise, or another light color? Light colors on the top may not be suitable, but you can sand it, or paint the top a dark brown, then sand the brown back a bit here and there for the distressed look (after allowing the paint to dry at least a week); and then the fun starts. Using sliced sea shells, create a pattern on the top of the table, without using glue until you’re satisfied with the design. When satisfied, take a picture of the design in case of catastrophe, then glue the sliced shells to the tabletop. Get a piece of glass cut to fit the tabletop and you’ve got yourself a great new side table to set off that lonesome, no more Christmas tree corner. If it has a drawer in it, use a Conch shell pull to add to the coastal theme. If you need some light, try adding a gorgeous and interesting jelly fish lamp.

Sliced Shells

Jellyfish Lamp

If you have the no more sparkles blues, try to conquer those blues with a natural light reflector: mother of pearl. You can use it in backsplashes, sinks, trims, or many other ways. If you want to jazz up the entrance where you used to have garlands with lights and reflective bulbs, try doing an accent wall in mother of pearl tiles to make your entry sparkle. If you want to add that finishing touch to your mother of pearl entryway, adding a mirrored table with a Sea Life Cabinet Knob conch drawer pull is the perfect touch; after all who doesn’t like a seashell that can create queen-worthy pearls, right?  Of course, you’ve read about that before in a previous SLCK blog.

Mother of Pearl Tiles

Conch Drawer Pull


Missing that Christmas sparkle can be fixed by adding some candles to your coastal décor. Try these candles featuring starfish on your back porch, or these elegant sea life votive candle holders for a nice tablescape.  Still having the no sparkle blues? Wrap these scallop shell light string around your banister, through your inside silk plant, or atop your entertainment center and you’ll be sighing with sparkle contentment in no time.

Starfish Candles

Scallop Light String

Going from Christmas bling to New Year bland can be a traumatic let down when you love the glitz and sparkle of the Christmas season. Adding a little bit of the drama, light and glimmer back is a quick pick-me-up to prevent the blues.

At Sea Life Cabinet Knobs, we have the right drawer and door knobs and pulls to accent the sparkle with just the right coastal touch.

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