Northeastern Coastal Décor: Include Surprises!

May 13, 2022

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Waves lap at the shore as the sun peeks over the horizon, and a soft breeze blows salty air into open windows that welcome ocean sounds; relaxation washes over you and you want to drift off to sleep again.

Northeastern coastal décor “is all about that feeling of peace and fun that you get from being near the water.” Use “calming hues” focusing on light colors, shades and tones of blue, whites, and light wood tones.

These are the feelings you may wish to bring into your home as you decorate: northeastern coastal style, a relaxing, soothing décor choice that will bring the northern Atlantic to your home. Think teal Adirondack chairs on a wrap around porch, wisps of sheer white curtains tied to the porch posts that are untied and pulled together during the sun’s most brutal hours, just to take the glare away.

As you look inside you may find a surprise or two, because northeastern coastal can be just that: surprising.

Add a few surprises, big and small, like these sea glass colored winding stairs; it doesn’t have to be real glass, you can paint yours. Use a beautiful wallpaper that will add a relaxing touch to your walls. Use comfortable chairs in shades of ocean colors, an overstuffed white linen couch and a surprising coffee table of rattan and wicker, or this solid wood coffee table.

comfy chair

Wayfair Sand & Stable 4 Legs Coffee Table the kitchen, a so soft and barely blue paint on the walls will add to the theme and an interesting backsplash would be a wonderful surprise. Try this backsplash beach scene with sea shells on a short wall, or get multiples and go all the way around your countertop area. Use these starfish cabinet knobs on light colored wooden cabinets to accent the starfish on the backsplash.

Etsy circaARTtile 1914 -Sand, Shells & Ocean Mural - 12"x 36" - 12"x48" - 18" x 60"- Sea Side Mural, Sea shells-Beach Mural - 6"x6" Satin finish bright White

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Medium Starfish Cabinet Knob

A gorgeous chandelier and a unique makeup area and chair would be a great in the bathroom. It’s a high end look and it’s a great way to set the spa mood. To do your own take on that look, try a beautiful two-tone wooden vanity with a pretty tufted seat. It has a built-in mirror, but you may wish to hang this aged, porthole shaped mirror on the wall. A soft, plush area rug to warm your toes and add another touch of elegance, and remember the plush towels in a soft, seafoam green.

Amazon: Nagina International Store: Rustic Copper Shipwrecked Premium Nautical Porthole Mirror | Nautical Bathroom Mirrors | Nagina International (24 Inches, Aluminum Mirror)

Hayneedle: Mohawk Home Wellington Bath Rug by Mohawk

Surprises can be found in the smallest places in northeastern coastal décor. In the utility room, try some storage with shiplap, painted white and using baskets for additional storage. Use baskets of the same size, shape and make when they’ll share an area, but when they are in another area, change it up for interest, if you desire. Maybe a few loon cabinet knobs will help set the northeastern coastal mood, they are the found in Canada and are even on Canada’s one dollar coin, which is nicknamed a “Looney”.

Amazon: eHemco Store: eHemco Rectangular Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets with Iron Wire Frame, Natural, Set of 4


Northeastern Coastal style is one of the most iconic styles and its focus is on relaxation. If you use a few decorative surprises, it can make it both, relaxing and a surprising.

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs can help create the northeastern coastal relaxing, yet surprising, look of your dreams, or any other coastal look you wish. Order or contact us today!

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