Palm Tree Cabinet Knobs and Pulls for Your Coastal and Beach Decor

October 15, 2020 1 Comment

Palm tree cabinet knobs - matched set

Let’s be honest. What beachfront scene is complete without a palm tree in the background? Palm trees bring back memories of tropical island scenes, warm beach air, tropical breezes, Jimmy Buffet music, sandy beaches, pina coladas...the list goes on.

Palms are one of the best known and most widely planted tree families. While there are about 2,600 species of palm trees, the most famous are the Date palm and Coconut palm. Believe it or not, human use of palms is as old as, or even older than, civilization itself.

It began with the growing of date palms by Mesopotamians and other Middle Eastern peoples over 5000 years ago. You may be surprised to learn that palms are mentioned in the Bible more than 30 times and more than 22 times in the Qur'an.

Stunning Palm Tree Hardware

In modern days, Palms still represent relaxing tropical settings as well as oasis and hospitality. So it's no wonder many people turn to them to decorate their beach home decor. While you can fill your home with large real or artificial palm trees, palm tree hardware is also a great option. It offers a subtle way to add the beauty of psalm to virtually any space.

If you're interested in palm tree hardware for your home, the Sea Life Cabinet Knobs collection can help. Created by talented marine life artist, Peter Costello, it offers two cabinet knob sizes that are also designed in matching left and right facing models. They add a refreshing, unique touch to any ocean themed decor.

small drawer knob - dark bronze

Our small left and right facing palm tree is 2.3" tall x 1.5" wide and comes in a single post knob design. There’s also a large palm tree, which is 4.25” tall X 2.4” wide and created as a cabinet door pull (aka handle) in a left an right facing double post design.

palm tree knobs and pulls - both sizes

Like all the cabinet hardware designed by Peter Costello, our palm tree cabinet knobs are cast in solid pewter and hand finished. Each reinforced mounting post features brass ferrules to ensure lifetime durability.

Palm Tree cabinet knobs and handles are available in brushed nickel, bright chrome, or dark bronze finishes to coordinate with your other fixtures. They serve as unique beach home decor accessories.

Large palm tree pull - chrome

right leaning palm tree drawer knob - white

Check Out Sea Life Cabinet Knobs

Explore our website to view the many other designs we offer from Sea Life Cabinet Knobs, the largest collection of coastal cabinet knobs and pulls! You’re sure to find a variety of products that can turn your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or other space into a relaxing environment.

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Teresa Wood
Teresa Wood

February 15, 2022

how much for the large palm tree cabinet pulls in stainless, brushed buckle, anything in that color family. I need 20ish.

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