Patriotic: Combining Two Décors into One

July 09, 2023

Patriotic: Combining Two Décors into One

You love the nautical/coastal/beachy look, but we’ve just finished celebrating Independence Day and you really love America, so you want to incorporate that into your décor, too. How do you do that? Easy!

In the kitchen:

A nautical/patriotic theme is easy since they share the same basic colors: red, white and blue. In the kitchen, start with the cabinet knobs you use. Put these starfish cabinet knobs on your blue cabinets, add blue and white striped curtains and a red stand mixer. For your table, use some cute dishware that you can mix and match with nautical dishware. Add blue striped glasses to the table some red striped napkins and you have the two themes – nautical and patriotic – combined. It’s just that easy.

Costello Coastal Knobs Starfish Medium

For the beachy/patriotic theme, it’s a little trickier because that’s usually very muted colors, soft pastels, whitewashed woods, etc. But it’s not impossible. Try these starfish cabinet knobs. Again, use blue and white striped curtains, but in a softer blue and a linen look. Of course your cabinets will be white (maybe put an aged effect on them), and your dishes can be mixed and matched with pale blue glass swirled dishes and pink striped dishes and a subdued patriotic table runner finishes the table beautifully. A pale blue mixer works well with this patriotic/beachy theme.

Costello Coastal Knobs Bezel Starfish Knob Vertical

Now for the coastal/patriotic theme, try starting with a natural finish on your cabinets, add palm tree cabinet pulls, a sand-colored, starred curtains and a Mineral Water Blue mixer will look good together. On the table, get some stripes in this cute dishware set, a blue striped table runner and some starfish stemware. Add to your coastal theme with some coastal wall sconces with starfish on them, and a starfish napkin holder.

Costello Coastal Knobs Palm Tree Knob Right Leaning

Elsewhere in the house, you can do similar things with stars and stripes that will remind you of the American flag, or that bring a patriotic feeling to you, but aren’t in the red, white and blue of the real American flag. You can add things in your beachy living room that will bring patriotism to your décor like this triptych of blues, a starfish pillow, a starfish floor mat to put your shoes on as you come in the door and a sandy striped throw.

In the bedroom you have all kinds of options for your bed linens, but why not try a striped blue quilt set, a pair of starfish throw pillows and an accent wall of hexagonal blue striped tiles? For flooring, use a good carpet, perhaps in a color called “Warm Light”.

See? It’s not difficult to combine two styles into one that suits your décor desires. All you have to do is think outside the box and plan it out. Making your home suit your style is a welcome, refreshing find to visitors. Make your home your own with Costello Coastal Knobs and welcome patriotism to your beachy/coastal/nautical décor. Contact us today with your cabinet knob questions.

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