Spring to Summer in Six Easy Steps

April 23, 2023

Photo by Rachel Claire: https://www.pexels.com/photo/interior-of-living-room-with-sofa-and-armchair-5490303/

Do you decorate according to the season, or do you think it’s too much work and trouble? Would you be more willing to do so if you could do so in six easy steps in your kitchen/dining room, bathroom, or living room? Take a look at how to do just that.

In the kitchen and dining room start with your kitchen towels, replacing soft pastels with vibrant summer yellows, florals, or beach themes. Do something similar with your plates. You can make your dinner service ready for summer by replacing your salad plate with a summery salad plate. Keep the rest of your regular dinner service, but with that touch of summer you’ll change the whole feel of the table. Speaking of the table, put this floral table runner on the table and add some flowers from your own garden. Replace tired, dusty kitchen curtains with a summer flare. Canisters with a summer feel can add to the theme, as can changing out your cabinet knobs to something summer related. Try these plumeria cabinet knobs to go with the florals you’re putting in. They bloom in the summer and can remind people of exotic Polynesian trips.

Costello Coastal Knobs Plumeria Medium size

For your bathroom, similar steps can be taken to bring your bathroom into summertime. Want to set a beach theme up? Go with a summery beach shower curtain, add towels with the beach feel also, get the screw driver out and change the cabinet knobs to a starfish, conch shell, or seahorse pull. A bathmat with shells on it will add comfort and safety. An electrician may be necessary for the next change, unless you have someone who is competent to change out light fixtures to a starfish light fixture (always turn the breaker to the “OFF” position before doing anything with electricity). The easiest change for a beach themed bathroom is the last one: soap. Try these beautiful beach themed soaps to finish the theme.

Costello Coastal Knobs Conch Shell Medium Right Costello Coastal Knobs Starfish Medium

If you prefer to go with a floral theme for your bathroom, do the same replacements with floral patterns. If you don’t want to go with either of those themes, choose a different theme: leaves, birds, fish, bunnies, children playing outside, or maybe a color to create your summer theme.

In the living room, replace the throw with a lightweight brightly colored throw. Use brightly colored throw pillows, and change out your wall art to something more summery, like this canvas butterfly art. Summertime finials are an easy screw off/screw on replacement, no breakers or electricians needed. Your tablescape needs to be changed out, too. Try some wooden table décor, bring in some birds, maybe add a door, a vase to go with the color of the throw, and put some silk flowers in that vase. To finish your spring to summer transformation of your living room, try the drawer knobs on your storage. Go for something floral, the same color as your throw, or something shiny. Remembering that shiny things, including glass, reflects light and makes your room brighter.

Here at Costello Coastal Knobs we are ready to help you create the room of your dreams, no matter the season. Contact us today.

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