Swim Time with Cabinet Hardware

August 01, 2023

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Do you love to go to the beach, lake, river, or into the backyard pool? Is getting into the water your favorite summer activity? How long does it take you to gather everything up that you need to go to the beach and head out? How about a few ideas to make that task easier?

Let’s start with a place to put things. How about an out of the way, unused or seldom used closet? Do you have one of those available? Would you like to use that as a place to put your beach/swim things? Or maybe you have a place that’s a kinda’ weird shaped sitting area that could be used? Or, maybe your utility room is big enough to have a little of it walled into a closet area for this purpose?

Wherever you choose to store your beach gear, would you like to paint it? A nice ocean blue, seafoam green or a beach tan would be good. Then there’s the flooring; you need something durable, something that will stand up to sand, salt water, repeated use. Let’s try a checkerboard clay and distressed off-white tile. It goes with any of the paint colors and will stand up to just about anything you put it through.

Next, we need a small dresser that will fit in the closet and that’s big enough for beach towels, hats, and swimsuits. Fit that into the center of the closet, against the back wall so that there is room on both sides for other things. Find a nice tray to put on top of the dresser for sunglasses, or other fragile things you need with you at the beach, lake, river, or pool.

Use flip flop cabinet knobs put into the wall for each set of flip flops your family needs, install them in a straight line, a zigzag pattern, or from the bottom up, with the bottom ones holding the flip flops for  the shortest family member (besides the dog). On the opposing wall use a starfish knob to hang a tote bag that zips and will hold sunscreen, your car keys, a book, mosquito repellent, a charger for your cell phones, tissues to wipe noses, a first aid kit, etc., and snack essentials that are non-perishable and sealed; the basics for the beach. Then use another starfish knob for a mesh tote bag that will hold the snorkels, masks, etc., that will be used to return home with the sandy or wet gear that will need to be washed off, cleaned, and dried before returning them to their proper storage place.

Costello Coastal Knobs Starfish Cabinet Knob

Costello Coastal Knobs Flip Flop Knob

In one corner, lean the beach umbrella, and in the other corner, you may be able to fit the boogie board. Along the back all, use surfboard knobs to hang snorkels and masks. If there’s a shelf up top in the closet, you can put bigger things, but be sure to put a folding step stool in the closet to make those items easily reachable.

Costello Coastal Knobs Surfboard Knob

If you don’t have a little corner, nook, or closet inside the house, you can do the same thing in the garage, or even get a cabinet storage system that you put together yourself, and put all your beach things in it. Being organized makes a spontaneous (or planned) trip to the beach faster, easier, more enjoyable and that usually equals going more often.

Here at Costello Coastal Knobs, we’re ready to help you organize your life with cabinet knobs and pulls that will add beauty and flexibility to your life. Contact us today.

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