Wow Your Guests with These Coastal Bathroom Upgrades

September 17, 2021

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Spa bathrooms are all the rage, and it’s tempting to think that a spa bathroom must be high polish, chromes, and shiny surfaces. If you have a coastal home, you can accomplish a spa bathroom in the coastal style without feeling like you’re leaving your ocean retreat behind.

Of course, colors are a huge part of the coastal spa bathroom; tiles, paint, and accessories are key considerations. Pale blue walls, ocean teal tiles, and white create a popular theme. Plush towels can add another depth of blue with a medium blue color, while wicker can bring in texture.

White 4 Drawer Shelf Cabinet Furniture

Storage is essential for a spa feeling because no one thinks that a spa feeling includes things stacked all over the place in open view. This cabinet from Etsy seller Luerer can help you put things away. The white paint finish will go with the coastal theme and the drawers and shelf will give you a lot of storage. You can choose to switch out the white knob with a starfish cabinet knob from Sea Life Cabinet Knobs to make your cabinet storage better fit into your scheme.Pewter Starfish Knob by Peter Costello


A vanity with a white quartz top will help make the bathroom feel more luxurious, and stay with the coastal theme. Additional storage is always welcome, too. Change the drawer pulls and knob for something that says “coastal”.

Clean towels can be hung from sand dollar wall hooks, within easy reach of the tub and shower. For guests, put out a wicker basket with new white slippers, a loofah sponge, a bath bomb, and a skin moisturizer for a real special treat.

When you’re finished with your towels, you need a place to put them besides on the floor. A wicker laundry hamper with a lid like this one from will help hide used towels, add a bit of natural fiber and contribute to the seaside feel you’re looking for. If you live near a beach, get two hampers if you have the space: one for dirty towels and one for sandy clothes. The designated sandy clothes hamper will allow you to know which clothes may need shaken out before washing, without getting sand all over other clothes.

Sand Colored Wicker Hamper

The final thing to wow your guests with your coastal bathroom? Scent: it can be a big part of creating a “Wow!” bathroom. If you feel comfortable using a wax warmer, find a scent that can bring the ocean to your room. Try a scent like Caribbean Sea Breeze to really bring your coastal themed “Wow!” spa bathroom home.

Yankee Beach Scent Candle

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