Mixing Metals: Your Kitchen Can Take It

June 24, 2022

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You love the look of mixed metals that famous designers use, but you’re unsure if you can use it in your kitchen. The jewelry you wear is a great way to create the look you like to wear; your cabinet’s jewelry can match yours! Interior designers are not afraid to mix and match and have some suggestions for you to follow.

Remember, to think about what you’re trying to do with the differences. As advised by Home Stratosphere’s Editors:

“Do you want to create visual interest? Do you want to separate the top from the bottom, or door from the drawer? Do you want to highlight a certain area or cabinet? Do you want to showcase your personality?”

If you choose to mix and match metals, you may want to consider those questions. Or, you can create your own plan. Do you want to delineate where the dishes are kept, as opposed to the mixing bowls and measuring cups, or serving dishes, or cups and glasses? Use one kind of knobs or pulls for that area of the kitchen. Remember, if you have a butler’s pantry include that in your cabinet knob plans. If you want to make your kitchen according to your own rhyme and reason, use the cabinet knobs of your dreams and design it the way you wish.

Let’s start with something dramatic. Try a copper and pewter cabinet knob mix. Ensure they work together via matching the item, shape, or a theme (moose and trees; mice and cheese) will create a unified effect. Using copper pans, a copper toaster, copper coffee pot, and pewter canisters, pewter measuring spoons, or similar options will make sure it doesn’t look accidental.

Lowe's Buck Snort Lodge Products Tropical Copper Ox Novelty Coastal Cabinet Knob

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Seahorse Cabinet Knob, Medium


If you love the look of white metals with gold metals, you can get pots and pans to match that look, display one or two of them in the kitchen, or all of them on a hanging rack, and then make your cabinet knobs gold tone for the top knobs and use silver tone for the lower cabinet knobs. There are kitchen accessories and appliances that may add to the overall look as well. Wayfair Jeffrey Alexander Key West 1 7/8" Length Bar Knob

Wayfair Jeffrey Alexander Key West 1 7/8" Length Bar Knob


There are other options besides those already mentioned. There are options for black metal scallops and it’s “opposite” pewter scallops. Use this combination on grey or turquoise cabinets and you’ll have a stunning kitchen. Black appliances with pewter tankards, or maybe some pewter plates.

Etsy Shabby Restore Sea Shell Pewter Metal Dresser Drawer, Cabinet Drawer or Door Knob Pull

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Scallop Shell Knob, Medium

Elegance is a black and copper kitchen, so try the copper/black combination. This time you may enjoy surprising people with these black and copper cabinet pulls. Put the mostly copper pulls on the island, and the mostly black pulls on the rest of the cabinets, or do the uppers in one kind and the lowers in another. Stunning!  

Etsy The Boutique Handle Co. Copper Handles and Knobs, Black Pull Handle, Knurled Brass Kitchen Handles, Rose Gold Pull, Knurled Bar Handle, Black Cabinet Hardware


If you choose to use cup pulls and cabinet knobs, you may wish to check out our previous blog, “Mixing Cup Pulls and Cabinet Knobs” for some more ideas and suggestions on making your kitchen your own.

Here at Sea Life Cabinet Knobs, we’re here to help you make your kitchen (bathroom, or whatever) dreams come true. Be sure to peruse our selection of knobs, pulls and towel hooks.

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